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"You're going to have to jump. You simply can not just exist in this life. You gotta try to live." - Steve Harvey

I've never been sky-diving before, but my wife has. She says it's one of the most freeing and liberating experiences she's ever had. I always wanted to sky-dive just cause it looked fun af. But what I think I've really always wanted was liberation. I'm a thrill seeker for freedom, and lots of it! However, I've been seeking for something, that I inherently possess.

Freedom is our birthright! Yes, I get we as property to the Corporation of United States aren't in "reality" free. And yeah there may be karmic debt that needs to be "paid", but that's between your Ancestors, you and Source. So really a "debt" to be paid to yourself, from yourself to make you your Full Self is an investment.

Being who you know you are, and Doing what you say you're going to do pays off that debt. Giving you the freedom needed to express yourself. All the while, expanding the boundaries that you once found yourself in, offering you even more freedom. But in order to experience this freedom, you have to JUMP.

I took the jump, a few times before, or should I "hopped". I hopped in hopes that everything would just manifest, as I envisioned, or felt. Not ready for everything that followed. I could say I was ill-prepared, but some of the greatest weren't always ready or prepared for the responsibility that would befall them. So, I have no excuse, and neither will I make one. I hopped and hoped. This time, I'm taking a leap, and knowing that life will open up to me in a way, that it hasn't before.

What I desire is freedom, and with freedom comes the greatest responsibilities, challenges, opportunities, choices, decisions, and consequences. I'm aware of that now, and I welcome it. I want to be as boundless as the Sky, my wife refers to me to at times. I desire to Live, so I've jumped unafraid of the fall, because I have faith the winds, will help me to ascend.
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