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Did You Thank GoD Today?

Light Light Beings Lightworkers Love Oneness Religion Spirituality Starseeds Vlog

I do my best to stay in constant commune with The Most High God, in my pursuit of Ascending, and attaining Apotheosis. Some days are better than most, but everyday I make sure I give God The Glory. Did you, Today?

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BE The Anomaly

Anomaly BE Deviant Individual Love Motivation Neo One The Matrix Unique Vlog

Anomaly: something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.

In this Matrix, we are all Mr. Anderson finding our uniqueness, what makes us The One. When we find that, and express that then it creates a space where other people can feel comfortable to step into their own individuality. You become a point of reference for people along their own respective paths. So go forth, and BE The Irreplaceable One of One, that you are!

Who knows, generations from now could be asking... WWYD (what would YOU do). 

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3 Fxcks People Don't Give

3 3 Things People Do Fuck Honest IDGAF Love Truth Vlog

"Its not that I don't give a fuck, I just don't give a fuck how YOU give a fuck". Truly a misunderstood statement. Many people who've heard me say that, take it as I don't care at all. To the contrary, I do care alot, and do have a few fucks to give. After spending a huge part of my life "not giving a fuck", I feel I'm finally able to articulate the levels or states of the fucks claim they don't give. What do you think?

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I'm Not Perfect* #BeGreaterThanEver

Encouragement Inspiration Love Message Motivation

Perfection, or Perfect like many words(and humans) often are misunderstood, and taken out of context. Often times taken too literally. We have to become aware of the relative and absolute nature of the world we live in, ourselves and of course Perfection. I'm not perfect, in the relative context that I am complete. While in the absolute, I am already..however I exist, like you within this relative experience. So as I am a product of Perfection, Perpetually Being are you. You Are Great. Be Greater.

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Take The Jump

Encouragement Greatness Inspiration Love Motivation

Take The Jump

"You're going to have to jump. You simply can not just exist in this life. You gotta try to live." - Steve Harvey I've never been sky-diving before, but my wife has. She says it's one of the most freeing and liberating experiences she's ever had. I always wanted to sky-dive just cause it looked fun af. But what I think I've really always wanted was liberation. I'm a thrill seeker for freedom, and lots of it! However, I've been seeking for something, that I inherently possess. Freedom is our birthright! Yes, I get we as property to the Corporation...

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