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I'm Not Perfect* #BeGreaterThanEver

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Perfection, or Perfect like many words(and humans) often are misunderstood, and taken out of context. Often times taken too literally. We have to become aware of the relative and absolute nature of the world we live in, ourselves and of course Perfection. I'm not perfect, in the relative context that I am complete. While in the absolute, I am already..however I exist, like you within this relative experience. So as I am a product of Perfection, Perpetually Being are you. You Are Great. Be Greater.

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3 Steps To Set Great Goals #BeGreaterThanEver

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Setting goals and making plans is essential, not just for business..but also for the business of living. I'm learning and mastering the art of achievement and I'd like to share what I've learned with you! You Are Great. Be Greater. #BeGreaterThanEver

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The Vision. The Message.

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Creator of The ‪#‎BeGreaterThanEver‬ Brand, Tray GooD Cal-El explains The Vision and Message behind it.

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