About us


BE > EVER is an idea conceived from the mind of, and handcrafted by the Creator, Tray GooD Cal-El. More simply known as Tray GooD, this rapper/singer/songwriter and thought artist is always exploring creative ways to expand the consciousness of his audience and clothing just happened to be a medium through which he could further inspire others.


BE > EVER seeks to change the paradigm from the external, competitive based way of thinking and Being to a more inward focused form of Expression. With the Values of BE > EVER Being; Self-Awareness, Love & Passion, Cooperation & Collaboration, Uniqueness, and Innovation & Creativity, Tray GooD plans to make a statement not only in fashion but on the world.


Operating and Manufactured in Fairfield, IA, Iowa's center for the arts and entrepreneurship, a small, lively community dedicated to sustainability, health, and doing good things for the world. Tray GooD Cal-El moved to Fairfield from Detroit, MI in January 2014 to attend the Consciousness-Based place of learning, Maharishi University of Management. Where he met his wife and partner in all things, Hemlata Devi, who is also the director of photography for the BE > EVER brand.


BE > EVER was established in 2016, with Tray GooD Cal-El printing every silk screened item by hand, and fulfilling each order himself. With the desire to spread this message he set forth, learning from experience, trial and error, self-reflection and life lessons all the while developing himself and the brand. BE > EVER as Tray GooD Cal-El will tell you, is not just for the world but is also a reminder to Self, for him to continue to press forward and Be Greater in his own life.


We humbly wish to influence you to BE, the greatest you ever, so that the Light you shine, the path you pave, illuminates the way for countless others to do just the same in their own Unique Way.


You Are Great. BE Greater.