About us

BE > EVER (pronounced BE GREATER THAN EVER) is a "SELF-Centered" Lifestyle and Apparel Brand. 

Created by hip-hop artist Tray GooD, BE > EVER wants to "intentionally disrupt" the collective consciousness for GREATER, by crafting thought provoking and soul reminding designs on our apparel to cultivate the consciousness of the culture.

You might be thinking, "you ain't finna, change the world with just t-shirts and hoodies." And you'd be right, but that's only the start of what we're here to offer. 

BE > EVER was born from the idea that "You are a unique expression of the Infinite Creative Intelligence of All That Is. Created in the Imagination of The Creator to (Co)Create all of Creation" - that's a mouthful we know - but with realizing such an absolute truth, comes a tremendous responsibility to share it.

A responsibility to share, not because we're the only one's that know -but because everyone has forgotten!

We understand that at the Center of everything in your Life, be it good or not-so good is YOU, and at the Center of that is GOD - Your True SELF. And it is our Vision, Mission and Purpose to remind everyone we can of that TRUTH, because we believe that the more people whole live from that place, who encourage others to live from that place, the world will be a GREATER PLACE.

Remember; You were born great. BE GREATER.